SA Rogaining Association

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What's New?

Latest Results: "Hale and Hearty" 6/12 hr Rogaine, 6 September

Blog: 2014 Intervarsity Travel Subsidy

Race Report: New articles from Whyalla and Saunders Gorge

2014 Events: Minigaine moved to Sunday 2 Nov. Check out our calendar of events.


Next Event: "Trains. Tees. Tides." 3hr Minigaine, Sunday 2 November 2014


Event Date: Sunday 2 November 2014
Entries Close: Evening of 24 October
Times: Maps at Noon. Rogaine from 1pm to 4pm
Location: West Lakes & surrounds   
Fees: here    

There is nothing serious about this event. Our annual end-of-year minigaine is the highlight of our calendar. Beginner and family friendly, everyone is encouraged to go out and ‘just have a frolicking good time’. 


I/O Merino Guest Reviewer says...

Rebecca enjoying her IO Merino and the views in Mt CrawfordThe I/O Merino women’s longsleeve Rapids V-neck base layer lived up to its reputation at ‘Hale and Hearty’ 12 hour Rogaine this September. Surviving the tough conditions of the event, from kangaroo thorns, mid-20s sunshine and crispy cold moonlight.

Personally, I have been a merino convert for some time, but was particularly impressed with I/O Merino standard. I wore the Rapids V-neck base layer for the full 12 hours, and it kept me cool when I wanted it to and cosy warm when I needed that also, and it didn’t stink or feel grimy after a tough day in the rogaine office.

It’s light. Comfortable. Itchiness free. And by far the softest merino garment I now own. For versatility, it’s exceptional as it’s also stylish enough to hang-out in after the event around the campfire.

Rebecca's verdict: Recommend. The I/O Merino is up there as the ‘bestest of them all’


Volunteers - We need you!

Volunteers for the 2014 season


15 March

Autumn 12hr
3 May

State Champs24hr/12hr rogaine 21-22 June

Asthma Corporate 6hr
19 July 
Bush 6hr
20 July 
Spring 6hr/12hr
6 September
Minigaine 3hr
2 November

Sarah Murphy, Olivia Thorne, Kate Furness, Nicole Anderson, Andrew Murphy

Richard & Judy Sprod, Annie & Peter Fisher Geoff Mills Ev & Craig ColwellEv & Craig ColwellJo Powell, Karen Wishart, Olivier Fahy, Markus Herderich Sally Caston, Kate Corner, Sonja Van Wegen, Jeremy Carter
Hash House N/A Peterborough History Group

Helen & Don Vinall, Jim Casanova, Des Norman, Robyn Dose

Asthma to arrange

Wayne Chettle, Greg McCloud, Rob Tucker, Helen Vinall, Don Vinall

Monique Blason (HH Coordinator), Local Scout Group


Mark Crawford, Michael Pohl, Alison & Mark Ramsey, Kate Corner, Craig Colwell, Paul Hoopman, Jeremy Carter

Mike Round, Leah Fitzgerald, Mitzi Krahling, Ann Ward, Arthur Ward, John and Jeffa Lyons, Jeremy Carter

Mike Round, Trevor Tregenza, Dorothy Casanova, Sue Milnes, Helen De Graaf, Jeremy Carter, Christine Franklin

Steve Cooper, Ella Robinson, Mark Porter, Jeremy Carter

Trent McInerney, Al and Zita Sankauskas, Steve Cooper, Nick Colebatch, Jeremy Carter

David Powell, Kara Smernik, Lewis Carter, Phillipa Smernik, Helen DeGraaf

Bruce Greenhalgh, Helen Wu, Sue Peter, Jo Powell, Vanessa Kiermeier

We need your help! Please 
contact us.

Bucket Cookers N/A


Jenny and Trent McInerney, Evelyn Colwell, Jo Powell, Sally Caston, Kate Corner, The Smernicks

Asthma to arrangeN/A

Simone Fejer, Ella Robinson, Mark Porter

Event Coordinator Mark Porter Richard Sprod Craig Colwell Kate CornerKate CornerJo Powell Sally Caston

Peter Clark and Tom Bullock

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