SA Rogaining Association

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Coming Soon: 6hr Rogaine & 4hr Cyclogaine, 2 August 2015

Bush 6hr Rogaine

Opening Soon

Event Date: Sunday 2 August 2015
Late fees from: Evening of 24 July
Entries Close: 27 July
Times: Maps at 9am. Rogaine 11am - 5pm. Cyclogaine 12 noon - 4pm.
Location: Kuitpo Forest
Fees: Coming Soon

A 6 hr rogaine less than an hour from Adelaide - everyone is going to want to do this one! Plus, we're bringing back the cyclogaine. What more could you want?

No rogaining year would be complete without some pine forest, and this is it. Set in the vast Kuitpo Forest, this 6 hour event will see you exploring rolling hills covered in pine and native forest and then returning for a hot meal at the Hash House. Bring your friends!

Please note that the SARA event is on Sunday, and the popular Take A Breather event will be on Saturday. If you're interested in entering a corporate team, check out their site.


Next Event: Training Day & Evening: Saturday 27th June

Enter Here

Times: 1pm to 9pm

Location: Woodhouse Scout Activity Centre, Spring Gully Rd Piccadilly SA 5151

Costs:$20/person which covers entrance to the Activity Centre, maps and evening food.

Our popular training day returns again, but with a twist! There will still be the usual activities to get your rogaining skills up to scratch, but this year we'll also be giving you the chance to upgrade your night time navigation skills! Find out all we'll have on offer here.

The venue is the Scout Activity Centre in Piccadilly, just up the freeway from the city - so convenient.

Book your spot today with the Enter Here link above.

For more information contact: Craig Colwell


Volunteers - We need you!

Volunteers for the 2015 season


4hr Twilight
21 March

State Champs 24hr/12hr 
2-3 May

Asthma Corporate 6hr 
1 August
Bush 6hr
2 August 
Spring 6hr/15hr
12 September
Minigaine 3hr
7 November

Hugh Round

Doris Round, Mike Round, Peter & Sue Milnes

Mark Corbett

Amanda Kelly, Matt Smith, Colin & Joy Corbett

Ella Robinson & Mark Porter

Ella Robinson & Mark Porter

Richard Sprod

Peter Fisher, Marie Krahling

Amy Ide, Emma Fell, Elija Bravington

Hash House Zara Soden

On site Coordinator - Craig Colwell

Mike Round, Maria and Jamie Birse, Sue Milnes, Cyril Ziegler, Sam Nester, Sarah Linton, Ethan Cotton

Asthma to arrange

We need you! Please contact us to help.

We need you! Please contact us to help.


Neil Titterington, Natalia Kot, Emma White, Fiona Norman, Olivier Fahy, Doug Gillot, Randell Taylor, Mike Round, Doris Round, Meeri Visnapuu

Brianna Dall, Ian Weis, Emma Fell, Amy Ide, Michael McEvoy, Allison & Mark Ramsey, Mark Pohl, Mark Crawford

David Powell, Marie Krahling, John and Jeffa Lyons, Jenny LeComte, 

We need you! Please contact us to help.

Al & Zita Sankauskas, Helena Wu, James Griffiths

We need you! Please contact us to help.

We need you! Please contact us to help.

Kara Smernik

We need you! Please contact us to help.

Bucket Cookers N/A

Jenny McInerney, Dion Bias, Des Norman, Holly Niner, Nick Purdew, Evelyn Colwell, Katie Corner, Anna Jewell, Jo Powell

Wayne Chettle (trailer tower)

Asthma to arrangeWe need you! Please contact us to help.

We need you! Please contact us to help.

Event Coordinator Peter Milnes Craig Colwell Ella Robinson & Mark PorterElla Robinson & Mark PorterRichard Sprod Jenny Casanova

Peter Clark and Tom Bullock