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Saunder's Saunter Setter's Report, by Evelyn Colwell

Craig and I put our hands up to set the 6hr bush/Asthma rogaine for this year. Craig had partnered Steve Cooper in this task a few years ago, and has also been event organiser but I thought it was time I also got involved. When considering the locations, Saunders Gorge jumped to mind, as it ticked all the necessaries and had the bonus of being the location where we had set the Upside/ Down event in 2010, which meant we already knew the landowners, or thought we did.


President's Message - Jan 2014

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to rogaining for 2014. We had another successful year in 2013 and more great events to look forward to in the year ahead.

Every year I feel that rogaining in South Australia gets better and better. 2013 was no exception. It featured our usual high standard of events in fantastic locations. On top of that we introduced a new line of rogaining clothing which I think is the best you'll find in the world. If you don't believe me, jump on our website and check it out. I was also amazed at the clothing on display at our inaugural fancy dress minigaine - who says rogainers don't know how to have fun!


2013 Lunartic Awards

The 'Lunartic' Awards are presented to rogainers or volunteers for humorous, unusual, or interesting incidents that have occurred before, during, or after an event. The awards for 2013 are right here.


God's Country....

And wasn't it? It was Craig who set our cracking pace (and he says I'm the competitive one), but it was also him who actually stopped several times during the event to photograph the breathtaking views.

Once we got our maps, we did our usual string bit and didn't take long to work out a suitable course. We only had two contentions, the first being how far we would go - Craig estimating 50km (based on his last 12hr event at Rynie, partnered with John Soden) and me estimating 40km (also based on Rynie where I went with Tarnya and comfortably completed around 36km). Craig won out as he was the one working the string, but I made sure we had several cop out route choices if we got too far behind. As it turned out, we didn't need these.  As previously mentioned, Craig set a cracking pace, especially during the first  8 controls where younger teams or those doing the 6hr, seemed to be flying past us (sometimes more than once).


Anyone can Rogaine! Trust me...

Our family had never been rogaining before, but once we learnt what rogaining was, we immediately knew we would love it. All of us feel happy when we are outdoors, especially somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We love the way tramping through the bush makes us lose our inhibitions, coercing us to compose silly songs, talk nonsense and simulate man vs wild survival scenarios. It really is a time of bonding and creating unforgettable memories.

When we explained to our kids (aged 6,7 and 9) what rogaining entailed, they understood it to be like a treasure hunt. They lit up with anticipation, excited at the prospect of gathering points. It was too easy to convince them to give it a go.


You hear the wise, navigationally non-challenged, older rogainers bandy about phrases such as ‘It’s all in the route planning’, or ‘Stay on the ridges’, or ‘Always keep your map orientated to the north’, or ‘Travelling fast on the flats is better than slogging through the ranges’.


When to Ice?

We all know the basics of 'RICER" if we sustain an injury - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and Referral - but what is the best way to apply the ice?  The main benefit from ice is actually in analgesia - pain relief.  We need to reduce skin temperature to between 10 - 15°C to achieve this.  Most people believe, or want to believe, that we are doing it to reduce swelling, but to actually change cell metabolism and do this, we need to get a temperature reduction at depth to 5 -10°C, which is not usually possible.


Calling All Uni Students

Would you like to compete in the Rogaining University Championships? They will be held in near Perth in Western Australia on 17/18 August and there is a travel subsidy of $1000 for a team from South Australia to attend.


Nutrition for Rogaining

By Stephanie Gaskell, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian, Competitive Ultra Trail Marathon Runner. Nutrition Strategies

Some years ago I participated in a rogaining event and I rather enjoyed it, not that anyone would or should ever take my directions! ? Looking back on this adventure I was trying to remember what I did nutrition wise. Back then I did not appreciate the importance of good nutrition like I do now.


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