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Rogaine of redemption

Kuitpo was to be the Rogaine of redemption. I don’t think Dion, my rogaining partner, or myself actually said it out loud, but we definitely had a point to prove… probably to ourselves more than anyone else.

By Sarah Murphy, Australian Adventurer & Trail Runner

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Goolwa in an afternoon

This being my fourth Rogaine, and my ‘regular’ partner being injured, I put the word out and came up trumps with Pieter de Wit and we had not previously met. But that’s the beauty of Rogaining, you have the opportunity to engineer your team for whatever you want to achieve on the day.


Renmark rogainers

We came from Renmark to try out Rogaining and Goolwa sounded like the perfect place to start, with the hope that we couldn’t get too lost, and that if we did our bright orange T shirts would make us easy to find.

We planned our course having no real idea of how far we would get, so we headed over to Hindmarsh Island to get some of the furthest controls out of the way first.  This involved a lot of road running but we managed to get in a couple of dashes across some paddocks to justify wearing our trail shoes.  Back across the bridge, stopping for some photos and a lot of discussion on the best way to do a ‘selfie’ we finally made it back to the mainland.  From there we headed up to do a loop through Goolwa North where we found that the controls were a little harder to spot.  Perhaps we should have worn team shirts more suited to searching through the bushes, maybe less road-worker orange and more camo green.  We had planned to do central Goolwa and then head out for a final loop along the beach but soon realised we weren’t going to make it, so decided to finish as many of the central Goolwa controls as we could in the time we had left before heading back to the Hash House.

We really enjoyed our Rogaining adventure, and with lots of laughs along the way we travelled 25km in about 3 hours 40min, marked off 23 controls and ended up with 1020 points. Thank you to everyone for such a friendly and welcoming day and we really enjoyed the pizza (and a glass or two of champagne!) afterwards.  We will be back!

Megan, Deanna, Andrea and Lara.


Team 107 - "Somewhat vague" in the 2014 Australian Championships

The Victorian Rogaine Association hosted the 2014 Australasian Championship and set the event in some excellent rogaining country, south of Castlemaine, over the second weekend of October.  The Hash House site was in a beautiful location along Vaughan Springs Road, adjacent the Loddon River.  Many competitors used the bunk bed option with hot showers.  Others camped in a paddock across the road.  We opted for a cottage in the nearby historical town of Maldon that we had visited on a previous Orienteering Carnival.


Hale n' Hearty 6 Hour First Family

We arrived at the Hash House just before 9.00 am for our map planning. Our plan was to maximise points with a straight line (string) distance of around 20km. Final route we decided on was about 22Km (straight line), with options towards the end to miss out points if we were running late.


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