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More Than Morialta - Winners' Report

While the majority of us struggled to crack the 1000 points at the recent 4 hour rogaine around Morialta, there were some super-human groups who ran the whole four hours. We applaud, with jaws dragging in the dirt, the winning team and their accumulated 1980 points. Pieter de Wit, one of the winning team’s members, has written about his take on the event. Read on….



From Russia with Love.

July 26-27 2013, I attended my third World Rogaine Championships (WRC), having participated in the Warrumbungles hosted by Australia in 2006, and the New Zealand event at Chevoit, north of Christchurch in 2010.

The Russian event, like the other WRC’s will be remembered for being a very tough course. The Warrumbungles were memorable for the heat and thick terrain (literally down on hands and knees in parts); Chevoit for being very steep, wet and windy and for the electric fences; and Russia for the head height stinging nettles, thick impenetrable undergrowth, humidity, marshes and mosquitoes.

Gee I love this sport!


2013 State Championships - Argadells, north Quorn



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